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Reggie Watts


Often compared to the diverse vocal stylings of Al Green, Chris Cornell and Marvin Gaye, Reggie Watts’ trademark falsetto baritone is a pillar of the West Coast music scene. Combining the beauty of traditional soul with the power of progressive rock, Reggie has gained a loyal national fan base and plenty of critical praise. As
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Soul Survivors Interviews: Bilal (D-Nice Production)


Bilal speaks candidly about is influences, experiences and challenges as an uncompromising artist.

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soulROCKS Plays at Pop Up Pirates

The guys from soulROCKs are back with the first post summer set, expect a smorgasbord of musical quality and fun. DJ’s JC (soulrocks) + Special Guests High Street DJs Captin Rusko (warehouse) DJ Marx (Oasis) soulROCKS@POP UP PIRATES Saturday 28th August 2010 27 clerkenwell road London ec1m 5rn

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The Zutons


Rock band the Zutons was formed in Liverpool, England, in the spring of 2002 by singer/guitarist David McCabe, lead guitarist Boyan Chowdhury, bassist Russell Pritchard, and drummer Sean Payne, with saxophonist Abi Harding joining later. The group was taken up by the Deltasonic label, the same company responsible forthe Coral, and released its debut single, “Devil’s Deal,” in September 2002,
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Discovered in the wake of the Strokes‘ popularity and the subsequent garage rock revival, New York’s art punk trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are comprised of singer Karen O, guitarist Nicolas Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase. O met Chase at Ohio’s Oberlin College and met Zinner through friends after she transferred to NYU. Zinner andO formed the band in 2000; originally, they were
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The White Stripes


The White Stripes formed on Bastille Day in 1997, aiming to create simple, vigorous rock & roll with little more than Meg White‘s percussion and Jack White‘s guitar-and-vocal attack. Meg‘s drumming was deliberate and straightforward, while Jack‘s formidable guitar skills paid homage to garage rock, blues, and punk. A former drummer for the Detroit-based country outfit Goober & the Peas,
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The Whip


A dance-rock act from Manchester, England, the Whip spent a few years working the indie electronic underground before making their full-length album debut in 2008 with X Marks Destination, notably produced by Jim Abbiss. At their core, the group is based aroundDanny Saville and Bruce Carter; other bandmembers include Lil Feeand Nathan Sudders. The Whip debuted in 2006 with the
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The Subways


The Subways are a high-spirited alternative rock outfit featuring Billy Lunn (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Cooper (bass/vocals), and Josh Morgan (drums). The British band formed in Welwyn Garden City in 2002, while the three musicians were only in their early teens. Despite their young age, brothers Morgan and Lunn (the latter of whom took his mother’s maiden name as his rock &
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The Strokes


Equally inspired by classic tunesmiths like Buddy Holly and John Lennon as well as the attitude and angular riffs of fellow New Yorkers Television and the Velvet Underground, the Strokes were also equally blessed and cursed with an enormous amount of hype — particularly from the U.K. music press, whose adulation for the group rivaled their fervor for Oasis in
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The Stone Roses


Meshing ’60s-styled guitar pop with an understated ’80s dance beat, the Stone Roses defined the British guitar pop scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s. After their eponymous 1989 debut album became an English sensation, countless other groups in the same vein became popular, including the Charlatans UK, Inspiral Carpets, and Happy Mondays. However, the Stone Roses
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The Stabilisers


Fueled by the garage band sound of the ’60s and the punk attitude of the late ’70s, London foursome the Stabilisers began life as a trio.Jon Bott, Francis Braithwaite, and Simon Corbey had been gigging around London to a cult following when Allan Crockford of Billy Childish‘s band Thee Headcoats offered his services as an extra guitarist. The gigs got
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Taking its name from the novel Catch 22, indie rock band Snowden includes Chandler Rentz (drums), Corinne Lee (bass, keyboard), David Payne (guitar), and Jordan Jeffares (vocals, guitar, keyboard). Snowden had its start in 2004 in Jeffares‘ bedroom during his senior year in college. The demo recordings impressed Jeffares‘ brother, who introduced him to like-minded musicians. Now a quartet, the band
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